How to convert voice recording 3ga file to mp3

The tutorial about how to convert 3ga to mp3

3ga audio file is the audio part of a 3gp file. Phones like the mighty Samsung galaxy s2 capture audio data in 3ga file format with the voice recording feature. By navigating to “sound” folder where the voice recording file is resided, you will notice that the file has the 3ga file extension.

Say, the voice recording begins with a prolonged silence, which is less perfect than what you had in mind, the original 3ga voice recording needs to be further polished with an audio editor. Regretfully, 3ga audio files doesn’t play well with audio editors or file sharing site like YouTube, in which case, you may need to convert 3ga to mp3, the most popular audio format that can be imported to all sound editors or voice sharing sites.

Step by step guide to convert 3ga to mp3

1. Copy 3ga files to computer

First copy the 3ga files from your phone to computer, the 3ga files normally resided in the “sounds” folder which can be resided in internal memory or sd card depend on your setting

2.  Download 3ga audio converter

download-mac-version     download-windows-version 


The software is sophisticatedly developed and has evolved to include 3ga file format in its vast format library, which enables the audio convert to convert between most of the common audio formats around.

3.  Install and launch 3ga audio converter

Click “load file”, then navigate to the 3ga files and select

4.  Set output audio format

The default audio format set is mp3, in the setting menu, you can define the meta tag that describes the voice recording file and make change to its sample rate and bitrate if needed.

5.  Convert 3ga to mp3 with 3ga audio converter

download-mac-version     download-windows-version 

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