Convert Samsung galaxy s3 voice recorder 3ga to mp3

Samsung galaxy s3’s voice recorder records sounds in 3ga file format, Sometimes the 3ga file needs to be converted to mp3 for better compatibility with sound editors or file sharing sites. And this is a tutorial about how to convert Samsung galaxy s3 recorded 3ga voice recording to mp3

Despite relatively less known by people than formats like mp3 or wma, 3ga file is actually a common file format, it is the audio part of a 3gp file, which is the main file format used in modern cell phones to capture videos. So, you may not be able to find a audio converter that is specially designed for 3ga file, but anything that is able to convert 3gp files will have trouble to handle the audio files produced by Samsung galaxy s3’s voice recorder – 3ga.

The step by step guide to convert 3ga to mp3

  1. Transfer the voice recording from Samsung galaxy s3 to computer
  2. Download audio converter for 3ga. The software is capable of converting 3ga to mp3, and other common audio formats like wma, ogg, etc…
    download-mac-version     download-windows-version 
  3. Install and launch 3ga audio converter, then load files, you can load as many files as you see fit, batch conversion is supported by 3ga audio converter
  4. Set output audio format as mp3
  5. Convert 3ga to mp3

The conversion will be completed in a few minutes, by then your Samsung galaxy s3 recorded sound will be available for editing or uploading to YouTube

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