P2 MXF converter for mac – convert Panasonic p2 MXF video on mac

P2 MXF is a wrapper or container format that wraps video and audio files as well as the meta data that describes the file, the p2 MXF videos normally produced by serious professional camcorders that didn’t blend well with consumer video editors like iMovie, also to edit MXF in final cut pro you will be taxed heavily on the cpu and gpu power. The video sharing sites like YouTube or Vimeo doesn’t support video uploading in p2 MXF format. And many of the pro level video editors like edius and Sony vegas pro still doesn’t support p2 MXF…

Naturally, you will want to convert p2 MXF videos to something else before loading it to video editor or uploading to youtube, and it makes a wise decision to do so.

The p2 MXF converter is bundled with a comprehensive codec pack, which is able to convert the p2 MXF file to almost any of the common video or audio format available.

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It is engineered primarily as a video conversion tool which makes the p2 MXF video converter efficient and simple to use

The step by step guide to convert p2 MXF with p2 MXF converter for mac

Download the p2 MXF converter for mac

Add files, you can add multiple files to Panasonic p2 MXF video converter for batch conversion

While p2 MXF video is added, set the output video format, it can be set as mp4 or mov which are both universal video format that can be played on all the video players and imported to final cut pro, iMovie or almost any other video editors


Convert with Panasonic p2 MXF video converter


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