Convert JVC Everio mod to avi for windows movie maker

Say, if your kids are doing something extremely cute and you got the scene filmed with your Everio camcorder and intend to import the JVC Everio mod video to windows live movie maker for further polishing, but, the windows video editor dosen’t handle mod files, what to do? The simplest, most hassle free solution is to use the mod to avi video converter which convert Everio mod files to Microsoft avi file format that is perfect for editing in windows live movie maker(or windows movie maker in windows vista and previous version).

The step by step guide to convert JVC mod to avi for windows live movie maker with mod to avi video converter, the mod conversion tool is engineered to convert mod file to various format for editing, playing on different media players, video sharing site and video editing applications

Download JVC Everio mod to avi video converter, install and launch, click free trial

download-mac-version     download-windows-version

Clcik “Add file”, in the pop-up menu navigate to the mod file and select, you can add multiple mod files to mod video converter and convert multiple mod video files simultaneously

Set output video format as avi


Convert mod to avi for windows movie maker

After a moment of time, the JVC Everio mod video file will be converted to avi, the right format for editing in windows movie maker

Mod – video file captured by a JVC Everio camcorder, or with certain models from Panasonic and canon, uses MPEG2 compression for video and MPEG-1 Audio Layer II compression for the audio track.

download-mac-version     download-windows-version

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